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November 2, 2012


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Journal Entry: Fri Nov 2, 2012, 12:39 PM
Well it's the last week of the premium membership so I decided to do something nice,
To feature all my watchers because they deserve it!
So lets start :)

Play on by BloomingHeart Asmodeus colour by Fist-Of-Heaven The Barnyard Gaurdian by platinumwolf Of The Raven by mattioli13
Supine by LilKatBiach 11122 by TheRedPenguin Heart.. by Ereph Resevoir Sunset 01 by ChokeIt
rest awhile by pixielulu bandida by andrewfphoto I am Free by CarnivaloftheDead Cold2 by Shortyyy
-Nailed... by AmethysTears Falling to Peices by Pollys-Soul Cold by mind2e55 .Betzefer by Illusion-and-Dream
Jegger by baloemar night in paris by B-you aspiration by Odreon as roots undo by inahelicopter
Haven by 990 Switching Lanes by Lizkiz Graf von Talionis II by TheLostLenore golden afternoon by dnlX
Disco Underwater by Roik The Queen 1 by People-photos emptiness by viktoriasHATE MacroWater by Huntersfoto
Spider Man by Proxy-VII touch of blood by Return-of-Neo DSC_0598 by destroyMEslowly glass project by xcorpseofdejectionx
A Gift by littlegett Broken tank lonely cat by Diexiel :thumb314477644: 4 by LucaPorfido
Blind by TheArtofChurchwell Fish by EmoFriedRice Purple Trio by JAckjonES430 learning the basics by GILZUR
lighten lizard by dogukanaksu David Loved Pink by A-DD memories v2 by DiMarzio every man is an island by Bite-The-Pain
White Sheep design by cosmicsoda Open your eyes by silence-scenery Disco Lights by bnext Letting herself go by IvanHajduk
thorn by Lior90 Dog. by PVC-Bubble green by protogonist The Mask by galpeleg
Orphaned Land's 20th by OfirAbe Flashing Lights 2 by missdanti No Boundaries - Reflections by AngryBee :thumb206993152:
turn the music on by uu-crengutza-uu :thumb253456459: 25 by hasanciftci The rain within...
There was nothing outside but rain. I stood by the window, counting the drops and wondering just how many fall in between two heartbeats. Clouds were looming over the city, leaving no trace of the blue sky. I knew it must still be out there, just as the Sun is as well, but at this moment, I felt nothing but the rain; saw nothing but the grey.
The world outside didn't seem to care. Occasional bird would still fly between the park and the roofs, looking for food for its young. Branches moved in silence, touched by the cold, merciless wind. Earth itself lived on as if nothing has happened, and that hurt me more than anything else.
I reached in my pocket and took out a framed photo. You smiled gently at me from it, as you always did when our eyes met. I fought the tears swelling up, leaned my forehead against the cold window, trying not to feel the raindrops on the other side of the glass. I followed a single drop, watched it slide down, drawn by invisible but ever present force that ultim

:thumb183189121: mmm by MagicKoston NNY by Diego74 2busy by kyllme
455 by Dressed-In-White My Word by BigBuddyWill Litza by dezerter SF by alcamo86
Twilight by ulivonboedefeld Bird by rinik96 Duster by just-been-killed :thumb318719441:
I Like Thai Girls by Bunny-No Heavens above by BetaAquilae Next by KerenGoldian commission Dianna the huntress elf by AlineMendes
La Tarde by artmaster1001 :thumb184530341: Gauley Falls 1 by IrishArmyRabbit A moment in heaven... by JWImagecraft
Never knew..... by ISRanger No. 5 by zoranjmatic Carolina by Elizabethskys Darkness by NEVAIN
Life is great by WisHima Grains of DustCarefully picking grains of dust
I wish to collect so many
So I could use it to build a statue of a man
And by a single breath, destroy it
:thumb137887281: wide scren is wiiiiiiiiiiiide. by VaraSama
blue by Meshick SingleChair 1 by Shakikai rapt gaze of Biomechanoid by CRUELGERM Oksana+max by nik-yo
TetriX by nadav-y Zombie by malialeon L'enigme by Jimwow :thumb202289258:
Candles by R2yzor GhostShip by Tool64 frantic by Powellz pl2 by cloudyhigh
Giraffe by Au-79 Dagger by the-reaper The Vampire Princess - Larisa by ValentinaKallias Bloody Flood Damage II by BlackPearlPhoto
creatures of the night - a postcard by huntlus caryatids by asenok5 June by kudaNILpemberani - Red Script - by As3nGarD
:thumb213966957: Suspicions
Wednesday, 15th April

"Geesh, would you hurry up!", yelled a tall dark haired girl to her two best friends. Another girl was laughing at the girl being yelled at. "You would think that after two years you would be used to the stairs by now, Jem."
By now the two dark haired girls could see Jemma huffing and puffing up the stairs. "Come on! Do you two really want to be late on our first day of school? The bell went almost 5 minutes ago!" the first girl cried frantically.
She was starting to literally push the other two through the hallway filled with other students, all talking loudly about their holidays. They finally made it to their class and luckily the teacher hadn't shown up yet. The three girls collapsed into their chairs at the back corner of the class and started laughing at each other
The girls in the surrounding area just ignored them. They were used to the loud laughing after about two years of them.
"So Lily, anything interesting happen the last couple of days
424 by mektup New zealand is the best by lindsaypitbull
Lady Galaxy by Stig666 La chat noire by black-wings-feather Grotto Falls Trail by velweb batterydeath by OdinsLeibeigene
les amants by Dragonaar Eilat by mickey946 Uykucu Kedi by bunyaminsalman The way I love you by NastyaTheCat
banner love hewitt by phoenix140391 College:After Class by grim-vi-iii A Taste of Heaven by cloudyfarm Winds of Kinderdijk by Dante121
Top Gun? Anyone? by Ja-xe Morning 2 by Dave-D Kratos by BlackSheep3000 amykitsuya Glare by NightStalkerPV
Dev Id by TheDark-Prince :thumb305703637: Splashh by NicoStork Let's have a war by Homo-Homini-Lupus
:thumb279831440: USS IOWA Sepia3 by decophoto32 :thumb191494252: Tremere, Fire Study. by Ghj
:thumb331015390: Enslaved - Ice Dale by Infernalord Kantele by Kivutar I Maaneskin by Mar-jus
deepone by nakfinal White on Black by EverTheCynic DoomAssasin series 1 by Ptkostasdiamantis October 31 2012 by Lonewolfninja89
in memories of... by gondz Smoldering Coal 10 by Nightfrost21 Apophysis 2nd fractal by Terminus-Est711 old lense by p-tavangaran
The Succubus by Margaret93 I do by YoniKs Smoking Kills but Music Heals by hennessy-cranberry Dunedain
Faring far and wide ,
His sword by side ;
Never resting elsewhere than the wild ,
Light footed and keen eyed.
His only friend was beast and bird ,
Tree and stone his only home ;
The blood of Numenor in him was all but gone.
Proud and grim ,
All in one ;
He answered to noone...

April Sunset by Litratobyberneserose Monster II by rayigimbal :thumb332369908: :thumb310132198:
heavy metal by TheEndlessFeed Tree in fog by rezabs nostalgia by pOulet-cuiit
Marks of Life by MaBuPhotographie Isolated by VectorZach Ninja Dave by xekes twiggx drawing by DaNiElA-XX
Oliver Aton Con color by Barrelix Suidakra by sagnikarmakar the eye of ra by yurabl00d Farmer by toniart57
My GN-page 2 No letters by pazlowqalien female by erez-mor Waiting For You. by mysticmoon13 Ice fountain by Ghaderal
Sucubo terminado by DeathMetalBlood :thumb288397197: Tunnel by jackdornothing The chosen one by DANZIEG
HDR_test by AngeLMcd Orange Lilies by Glenndalf Double Trouble by BGFilms Mandrake potion for Valentine's day by LiliaOsipova
:thumb333281827: :thumb295272747: The mountaintop by darkphotoshop no One waits for Miss Sandra by knightgown
Burning...She was hope for the tormented souls and for those who - treading the path of darkness - committed horrors of the night
She was like a storm, like a mighty wave, inspiring humanity from the swamp of stagnation
She was beauty and ugliness, last resort, and the curse of millions.
When she paced, the fire was behind her, devouring the souls of little ones
When her rippling laughter rose above the heads of the chosen, was heard as the announcement of the war and the joy, beauty and destruction
When you condemn her, you yield, when you loved her, died ...
but at the same time ... you all wanted it, or condemn, or love
She was a river, carrying the flame of change
Are you worthy to stand before her?
not now by Oxyfresh :thumb323891080: Alter Bridge iPhone Background by ZacNFFC
my art by drumercokaSymbiosis by Szavas Doll House 16 by Ai-desu :thumb320308300:
Rise Against by StefanoCatalano Yorkshire sunset one by squareprismish Classic drac by Lionheart722 snow by KR-2Y-51-3K
There is a light that never goes out by full-of-depressi0n The Forest by theartofpetertakacs :thumb304452681: Scarecrow by PenNameBree-Z
ROBOTIC GHOAT by KISSFANFREHLEYSCOMET sunset by christiakli View from above by stefeli-reloaded Fading Warmth by ninjaGurung
Once as My Heart Remembers by lilithfirefly No. 21 by altiz Charlottes Prostitute Sister by NecromanticMinstrel *-* by pollina-caballow
theatrical military-historical event 1 by Pleasure-or-Madness Steampunk Night Out II by MsBoopsie Another Wildebeest by AfricanLove Amazing Spiderman (Pastel) by KamakazeJester
:thumb324109054: goats by xalkonostx Fire In The Mountains #5772 by TommyPropest-Candler :thumb320686239:
shiny sky by 8LittleMissFreak8 Anti: Melencolia I | Durer | Interpretation by StellarGraves :thumb310579068: Matt Hardy by reneg661
Ana Free II by nbernardo PitBull by SamirPA A history of the palace by DarkMPhotography Grivei by JustMe255
wedma2 by wert23 Roughting Linn Woodland by newcastlemale Water lilies by Ammone27 Broken One - ripped by Picture-Bandit
Drool for T.O.P by KateW49 :thumb334153852: on and on by downhand MYTHODEA ~ Dark Night of Soul by ArthurCrow
V by WitchesSabbath Burnt by Nebulously 00067 by ibrahimSariahmetoglu ezekiel 28 by darkterry
Frustrated by Demon-Drug The Land. by DreamsOfEndlessWar RATS! - Raven flight by rakoth :thumb332388686:
:thumb266697685: Seal II by maxlake2 Cappadocia / Kapadokya / Kemerhan Cave Suites by anilync :thumb334384076:
Altar by JizneDar :thumb327924423: Profane Omen at YO-Talo II by npmonkko Happy Halloween! by Wonderer1000
Intertwined by scriptedheart no title by azanigin :thumb320558782: :thumb333353039:

Well some of my watchers are not active but however I thought it doesn't mean I don't need to share their art as well.
And of course I want to thank everyone for supporting me and following my creations, keep up the good work guys :heart:

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